Stills & Splashes: 100% Visual Tutorials – Last Drop: Lighting a Wine Glass

Stills & Splashes: 100% Visual Tutorials - Last Drop: Lighting a Wine Glass

Como vocês devem ter percebido pela atividade recente do blog, de um tempo para cá, os workshops têm sido mais frequentes aqui no estúdio e em outras cidades. Isso não é novidade, o Studio Tony Genérico já tinha oferecido muitos workshops recentemente e ao longo dos anos, mas pela primeira vez a área de educação […]

Receitas – Colisão De Gotas

Receitas - Colisão De Gotas
On this edition of our Splash Recipes I’m going to show you not only a technique, but a whole new gadget I’ve worked on lately. It serves the purpose of shooting a small drop of water landing in a recipient filled with water and, what’s more, it fits in a small suitcase.

Receitas – Alto Impacto

Receitas - Alto Impacto
On this third post of our series, we’ll exemplify fully synchrozized, high impact splash photography by shooting an ice cube falling into a glass of water. More precisely, we want to capture the moment when the cube hits the water and splashes.

Receitas – Baixo Impacto

Receitas - Baixo Impacto
When one thinks of splash photography, one usually thinks of Edgerton’s milkdrop coronet taken in the early days of electronic high speed flash photography. In fact, that’s the single most iconic image of this specialization. Of course there’s a lot more to it, and today I’m going the opposite direction showing you some tricks of low-impact splash photography, without any special equipment, and better yet, without any mess, simply by controlling the flow of the liquid while taking advantage of the water-dynamics of a proper prop — in our case, a martini-like glassware.

Receitas – Mergulho

Receitas - Mergulho
This post introduces a new series, bringing photographic “recipes” — step-by-step guides to the starting photographer. The objective is to introduce a bit of the practice of studio photography without so much detail or theory, but seizing the opportunities to add in hints and tricks to new possibilities in this fascinating practice. In this post I intend to show you a very straightforward splash technique; perfect for anyone with a flash that can reach from 1/4000s on.

Palestra – Estúdio Brasil – 2010 – English & Portuguese

Palestra - Estúdio Brasil - 2010 - English & Portuguese
The word “still”, as it is used in Photography, comes from a reduction of “still life”. To most, shooting stills is a very tedious practice with little appeal. But if you’re interested in learning several lighting techniques, from basic to sophisticated, the best option is to start shooting products. From a little diamond ring to huge settings, light is key.