Stills & Splashes: 100% Visual Tutorials – Last Drop: Lighting a Wine Glass

As you must’ve noticed by the recent activity on the blog, from some time on, workshops have become more common here in the studio. That’s no news; Studio Tony Generico had already offered many workshops recently and along the years, but for the first time did education became so much a part of the routine, no longe limited only to on and off events. Planning classes, preparing content, building tools, formulate programs, all for the teaching, has been a revealing and instigating activity, one that makes us see the processes of a studio afresh. This activity occurs in parallel to that of commercial photography, but it’s been so gratifying in its own right that we’ve prepared something new and interesting for you: a new YouTube channel, with video tutorials teaching studio techniques, ranging from studio to splash photography. The initial plan is to produce videos that are short, to the point and which only use visual language.

In order to subscribe, please follow on to the channel:

And below you can appreciate the first video, which shows how to light a wine glass, first against a white backdrop and then against a black backdrop.

Subscribe and enjoy! I’ll be waiting for you folks there.

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  1. Tony Generico disse:

    Infelizmente não encontramos este cartão prateado no Brasil. Em Nova Iorque vc pode encontra-lo em lojas de material para estúdios. Este que usei chama-se SILVER CARD – um lado é branco e o outro prateado. Você pode usa-lo tanto de um lado como do outro, dependendo do resultado que procura.Existem várias outras superfícies, ok? Abraço!

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