“Wild Endangered Beauties”

The birds in this essay are all wild and were photographed at the moment of release shortly after the monitoring process was carried out by accredited biologists. The photos were taken at Ibirapuera and Anhanguera Parks, in the City of São Paulo, for four days a month over one year.

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This project was supported by Secretaria do Verde e Meio Ambiente of the City of São Paulo, which authorized us to participate in its monitoring of wild fauna, together with the biologists of its Wildlife Division, with the coordination of Letícia Zimback, whom I sincerely thank for trust and support.

Interestingly, in the last ten years, this team of biologists has cataloged 464 bird species, just in the city. That represents more than the total of existing species in Portugal.

Please help us to publicize and raise awareness in society about the importance of protecting our environment and our biodiversity.

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